Environmental Initiatives|Torilabo proposes creating beautiful water

Environmental Initiatives

Beautiful water ensures a clean environment

With rapid economic growth, Japan has experienced rapid development. However, with this growth has come an elevation of pollution levels. At Torilabo, we are working towards providing services which beautify water.

Water Purification

When beautiful natural habitats still existed there were many animals living around waterways. However, with the development of human society, and the move towards more convenience, water quality has continually deteriorated. Fishes, insects and microbes cannot exist in dirtied, impure waters.

Neutralization / Removal of impurities in water
Creating habitats of clear water for living organisms.

Water-dwelling creatures require clean aquatic habitats to survive. That’s why at Torilabo we are working towards clean water for lakes and ponds. Using the power of minerals, we conduct filtration of water, removing dirt and impurities, and return the water to its natural clear state.

Rain water

It is said that only about 2.5% of the water on Earth can be used. The reason is that it takes considerable time and effort to turn sea water into potable water. Therefore, if water from rivers and lakes is used unnecessarily the result is water shortage and consequently all living things will be on the verge of being in danger of extinction.

Rain water use
Through purification of rain water, water conservation can be achieved.

Filtrated, clean water is a splendid source of water. This way we can conserve water, and it can be used for a wide range of end uses, such as for daily use, for factories, for agriculture and for potable drinking water supplies. Torilabo has developed products that purify rainwater and contribute to the effective use of precious water resources.


As we go about our lives, the discharge of chemical substances from homes and factories are causing increases to rates of pollution in our waterways. In developing countries waterborne diseases are commonplace. To live with clear and clean water is to live with peace of mind.

Neutralization / removal of pollution from water
Water for a safe society with peace of mind.

Approximately 60% of the cause of pollution to water is said to be from domestic wastewater from homes. To create clean waterways, it is essential to remove pollutants. Torilabo will work on developing products that use the power of minerals, aiming to create ways of ensuring safe water for peace of mind.

Life benefits from the blessings of water

All livings things on Earth - humans, animals, microbes, crops, and so on - receive the blessings of water. We at Torilabo have deep appreciation of the importance of water, and will continue creating systems for wholesome circulation of water.