Our Hopes|Torilabo proposes healither living through mineral water use

Our hopes

Nature for the world for health and love for the people

Torilabo’s business activities revolve around the concept of “the health and environments of all living things”. Harnessing the power of minerals in our product development, we pursue a future abounding in hope by focusing our efforts on problem solving.


Since I first discovered the various possibilities of minerals over 40 years ago, such as to suppress bacteria and purify water, I have been fascinated by and have continuously researched minerals. Coming from a farming background, and witnessing the results of the change in agriculture methods, such as the pollution of the food chain from the use of chemical products and raising crops out of season using artificial heat, changes in supply chain management and the changes in people’s sense of taste due to the excessive use of additives, and furthermore the contamination of waterways and the destruction of the environment globally due to the discharge of wastewater and the use of chemical products by factories, I have always had a sense of the seriousness of the deterioration of the natural environment.

For the above reasons I came up with the concept of “Nature for the world for health and love for the people”. For me, humans are just a part of the world, from the Earth’s standpoint, humans are just another microbe. As microbes are weak against chemical substances, we should conduct ongoing research and development into harnessing the power of minerals to tackle the decline of the “vital energy in humans”, which is caused by the above issues.

Company Outline

Nature for the world for health and love for the people

Our concept is the establishment of groups aimed to expand peaceful human relations for the health and environment of all living things.

Company Policies

Introduce ideas in relation to preventative medicine
We lead with the implementation of products for preventative medicine, with the theme “Don’t think about curing sickness once it has been inflicted, lead a lifestyle in which it is hard for the mind and body to become sick”.
Pursue the water that cells need
Water is the most essential substance for all living things. We advocate for the necessity of three focal points which are needed by cells “quantum energy”, “deoxidation” and “minerals”.
Balanced intake of trace elements
Due to the changes in eating habits and agricultural methods (raising crops out of season using artificial heat), foodstuffs of the modern era are lacking in various nutrients. We aim at a balanced intake of trace elements through the use of ionized minerals.
Deoxidization for preventative medicine
Based on the concepts of preventative medicine, we place emphasis on measures to prevent disease - such as the replenishment of the water within cells.
Energy to increase vital force
Vital force can be improved by focusing on the energy formed when minerals and oxygen are used as catalysts.

Business Activities

Unique ways of extracting minerals from specific ores. By using these minerals, products are developed for practical use, and we undertake the manufacture and marketing of these products.

Use of minerals in drinking water
Using the power of minerals, impurities in water are flocculated, and a filter is used to remove them. At the the same time, minerals are added in order to encourage trace elements, and in this way we seek after water which is needed by cells.
Use of minerals in agriculture
We aim to create clean water for agriculture by utilizing minerals to disaggregate the chemical elements present in polluted water. We don’t aim for the disuse of agricultural chemicals, but instead to prevent agricultural chemical residues in crops, so agriculture can coexist with agricultural chemicals.
Mineral use for the livestock industry
We endeavor to decrease the odors associated with the livestock industry, by using the power of minerals to break down gases such as ammonia. We also aim for quality improvements through the management of livestock health.
Mineral use for live fish
We aim to purify the fish’s water by utilizing the power of minerals. An increase in the cleanliness of the water will result in up keeping quality standards in the seafood.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company name Torilabo, Ltd.
Establishment November 2012
Office location 518-3, Kawaharacho Hotei, Tottori-shi, Tottori, 680-1202, Japan
Phone number 0858-71-0391
Fax number 0858-71-0392
CEO Morita Shigeyoshi
Number of employees 30 people(as of November 2017)
Business contents Development and sales of applied products based on mineral minerals

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518-3, Kawaharacho Hotei, Tottori-shi, Tottori, 680-1202, Japan